Photo Love

There are many things that I consider myself a whore for. One of those things is earrings. Check out these fuckers I got from the consignment store yesterday:

Fuck yeah.


  1. Ooooh shiny...

    Damnit! You've just reminded me that I forgot to put in my earrings this morning. They have birds on them and go very well with the bird themed ensemble I'm currently wearing (it's less awful than it sounds, honestly).

    I am also an earring whore, the bigger and sparklier the better. I am also jealous of your third stud. I may have to get over myself again and get another set of ear piercings.

  2. In the infamous words of a corporate slag:

    Just do it.

    And YAY for earring whores! Earring whores UNITE!

  3. nope, but it'd be a lot cooler if it was...

  4. Hurray for big shiny earrings! The bigger and jingly-er, the better.

    And for some reason, I have an image of Alex walking around a lab wearing a feather boa...

  5. Hmmm - my friend keith thinks some of my earrings look like fishing lures, to which I say: "Sparkle Sparkle! Fishy Fishy!"

    I'm on a big "nature bling" kick right now, shells and owls and whatnot. I think fishy earrings count as nature bling. Shine on you crazy....fish!

    hmm - I think I should not leave internet comments when I've been drinking bloody mary's for the better part of a day. At home. By myself.

  6. Inspired by this post I purchased new earrings this weekend. They are huge and dangly and very, very sparkly. In fact I think their product name is "Christmas Chandelier". Yummy.

  7. And for some reason, I have an image of Alex walking around a lab wearing a feather boa...

    Fantastic. A new fantasy that will take weeks to get out of my head. And you can't blame me for this one!


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