Morning (Or Mid-Morning, Actually) Thoughts

-A dislocated finger is no good for my softball skills. But I'm a kick-ass score keeper.

-The best thing about softball: after-beers at the bar.

-Fried jalapeno discs: not so spicy going in; WAAAAY too spicy on the exit.

-You know what I think it funny? Pooping in my work bathroom when someone else is trying to poop in the stall next to me. ALL kinds of poop-shyness occur. Unintentional hilarity.

-Coffee makes for a more spastic morning poo than tea.

-I love my new skirt from Anthropologie. Witness:

-Tonight I'm watching my TV drug: America's Next Top Model. Two words: Tyra's vag-pits.



  1. it's just too easy with you sometimes, tk. too easy.

  2. I hope it's not the all important middle finger that got jacked up. That would be tragic.

  3. The best thing about any sport is the beers associated with it. Why do you think I love cricket so much? It's all about sitting in the sunshine with a pint of beer watching men in cricket whites (yummy!) running up and down a pitch. Plus if you're really lucky someone may get knocked out by a fast ball. Brilliant!

    I also love your skirt - I would look godawful in it as they are death colours for me but it is mighty purdy in a "conceptual not really relating to me" kind of a way.

  4. onthevirg: nope, the ring finger on my right hand. still, though, it's amazing how incapacitating it is. i've had to learn to wipe my ass with the other hand, and that is just WEIRD.

    alex: men in uniform. ahhhh, excuse me for a moment...

  5. LOVE the skirt. it looks even better on -you- than in the picture;)

    and there were so not neeeearly enough tyra vag-pit moments on ANTM the other night.

    where was the blundering vegas showgirl tiny-headed roundy pants we know and love-hate?? sheesh!

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