NY. NY! NY!!!

I have THREE trips to NY scheduled in the next three months. Yes, I am awesome.

Trip Number 1: Work work work. And then two days of NOT work! :) With my favorite gay man in the world. We might make out a little.

Trip Number 2: Special invitation from the CEO of my company for a retreat. So, work. But GOOD work. Maybe I'll get a fucking raise. (HAHAHAHA.) <--sarcasm

Trip Number 3: CHRISTMAS IN NY!!!!! I have decided I'm doing Christmas by myself this year. Just me, for myself. No family, no obligations, no lovers, no hangups. ME ME ME ME ME. And, although it will be a "for me" kind of holiday, I am taking a six day trip to my second favorite city with my first favorite lesbian. Hot lesbian. HOT. Like, THIS kind of HOT:

Maybe I'll be able to keep my hands to myself. MAYBE.


  1. that's a phat ass!
    on the chick AND the car.

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  3. Hmmm...Christmas in NY, all by yourself...kinda reminds me of Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses, only one of the best Christmas songs ever. Also one of the best ideas ever. Yay you. :)

  4. you are planning on letting me know when you'll be in my crazy little town, right?


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