Photo Love: An Auspicious Evening

Yesterday evening, after coming home from a great dinner with some fantastic friends, me and the hubs had a little visitor: A fledgling great horned owl.

I can't tell you how spiritual and touching it was to be this close to such an amazing animal.

It still had its downy feathers.

We have no real idea about how it got in. There are only two viable options. It could have come through both cat doors (either with or without help from our cat--highly unlikely), or it came down the chimney. I'm guessing the latter.

Robb used my snowboarding gloves and caught it, took it to the edge of the woods, and watched it fly away under the full moon.

Simply breathtaking.


  1. that is amazing! (And an amazing picture, too). Do owls mean anything symbolically?

  2. oh wait, I just looked it up. Some people say they are good luck, some people say they are bad. Let's go with this interpretation: However, owls have also been associated with wisdom and prosperity, frequently being companion animals for goddesses. In Hindu Mythology, the barn owl is considered to be vehicle of Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth) and thus it is considered lucky if an owl resides near your house.

  3. What an incredible photo! That is just fantastic...

  4. effina: I read that they represent intuition, wisdom, strength and prosperity. To some cultures they represent and transition into death, but not quite as negatively as our society associates with death.

    At any rate, the feeling I had the whole time was one of awe and good energy, so that is what I'm going with. :)

    litely: Isn't that photo great! I'm so glad the flash didn't bother it. In fact, nothing fazed this little guy. He was very calm and present.

  5. was isis freaking the fuck out?

  6. That the crazy thing--we didn't even see it hanging from my coat in the hallway until we let her in. She went right up to it and gently sniffed it, and that was it! She didn't bark once, and the owl didn't even flutter when she nosed it.

    Crazy! And so cool!

  7. I am a puddle. Owls are way up on my list, as are baby animals. Put them together...synapse overload.

    So jealous, Boo. So far, at my new house in the country, I've seen racoons, hares, rabbits, wild turkeys, woodpeckers, squirrels (yawn), and deer that actually sleep all night 10 feet from our back door, but haven't seen an owl yet, which is what I've been holding out for.

  8. Wait, so you're saying you DIDN'T eat it? What the hell?!

    This was nature's way of saying "This bird is waaay too dumb to survive outdoors, please eat him".

    Please contact me before freeing any wildlife, 'mkay?

  9. I'm completely freaked out by anything that has the possibility of fluttering. I don't care if we're talking June Bugs, albatrosses, old southern ladies. Freaks me out, man. I admire your temerity in the face of massive fluttering potential.

  10. Great b&w photo - the owl looks like one of those Muppets up in the balcony...
    In high school, I worked at a small, local zoo during the summer, cleaning a lot of the animal areas at first. The most intense as in the owl pens, with a group of 8 glaring, expressionless creatures armed with sharp weapons watching without blinking from perches overhead.

  11. You have a cat named Isis? So did a good friend of mine many years ago. That was a very special cat. I've never come across someone else having a cat with that name : )

  12. That's a gorgeous picture. And I would have tried to keep it as a pet. I love owls.

  13. I too love owls... we have a family nesting in the park next to our house... here is a link to some pictures of them:

    Frank's Owl Pics

  14. ranylt: I live in the country for many years of my life, and now that I moved two blocks from our little downtown, I get an owl in the house. Go fig.

    manny: Hmm, I thought you wouldn't touch it unless it has been run over no fewer than three times--shows how much I know. Next time I'll call...YOUR MOM! Oh SNAP.

    megbon: I, too, am usually discombobumalated with the flutterings, but this little guy didn't flutter once! The first time my hubs went for him, he just cruised into the bathroom like he was gliding on an air current, and then perched there. That was it! It made it a very calm and peaceful experience.

    mfg: Thanks! Yeah, they have the stare going on. Like they look right into your soul...

    katy: well, it is our dog's name, actually, but she is a very special dog, so it all makes sense. :)

    Curious: Funny--the only thing I could think about was getting it out of the house safely, but at least half of the people I've told this story to wanted me to keep it. :)

    frank: oh, those barn owls are awesome! great pictures--thanks for sharing!

  15. he uh.... he looks a little stoned. Maybe he was looking for little rodent munchies or some such. I'm going to name him. Mitch. Mitch the stoned owl. I like it.

  16. remember that owl who ate that kids tootsie pop? ha ha, good times good times

  17. He never let the kid just LICK IT.

    Arg. Frustration.



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