I Know It's Not My Birthday...

but if you reeeeeeeaaaally love me, you will find this car for me.

Maybe in a nice jungle green color, with white interior. Yeah, if I had a dick....


  1. mine is a '69 Mach1 in Canary yellow. Good enough to wanna go for a ride,hummm?

  2. um, two words: "FUCK" and "YES"

    Does it have a double black stripe down the middle?

  3. Yeah, I like the '73 Mach 1. It's got some hidden power.

  4. black-out treatment on the hood and black hockey sticks on the side ( like the ones in your pic that are white). It'll probably be sold in a few more weeks. Market is going to cool down and I need to thin the herd anyways. Too damn many cars 'round here.

    Now... which of those two words come first. The fuck or the yes? :)


Spit it, betch!