What a Little Moonlight Can Do

Wow. I mean, WOW.

We really needed a vacation. Now that we are home and back into our rhythm again, I can see how much more relaxed and pleasant we both are about everything in our world. It feels so good to lay those burdens down now and again, and I am working on being able to do that with more ease and grace. It just feels so damn good.

The vacation was wonderful, and we didn't do jack or shit. The island was amazing—it was the perfect time of year to be there. We swam with the pup, walked on the beach, lit fireworks, spread my dad's ashes, ate delicious seafood, drank beer, and I took a shitload of pictures, up until I dropped my very professional (read: expensive) camera into the gloomy, gray Atlantic. Oh yes. I did.

But like hells bells and sandy vaginas, it dried out after a few days and is working once more! Glory be for professional equipment!

As I'm sure you are as well, I'm back to work after the holiday, but unlike many years before I have an amazing energy and zest for the days coming up. Usually, this time of year, I am run down, exhausted, and well on my way to becoming a full-blown alcoholic (not to mention the extra weight from 'holiday grazing.' Gah.) But this year I feel differently than I have in the past. I'm eating well, working out on a semi-regular schedule, and going to bed early.

OH SHIT! I've turned into AN ADULT!!!!

Fuck. I was wondering when that was going to happen....


  1. Growing up is scary and should never happen. I freaked myself out the other day when I actually got out of bed when drunk in order to remove my make-up and clean my teeth. That never happens. I don't think I removed eyeliner at all between the years of 1999 and 2005.

    It sounds like you had an amazing vaction, just what the doctor ordered. I'm highly jealous and very impressed with your magically indistructable photographic equipment.

  2. I know, dammit! This is why I vehemently ignore my grandmother's demands for my having kids. I can't have kids—I'M still a kid. !!!

    Oh yes, vacation was great. Just what we needed, and thank god for Canon! :)


  3. You are lucky, and I am jealous.

    See, the difference between you and me is this: You drop your camera into the ocean, and a few days later it works. If I dropped my camera into the ocean, when I tried to retrieve it a shark would have bitten off my arm.

    Sounds like a wonderful time. Welcome back to the world.

  4. i'm in love with that Isis picture! she looks so content with her wet coat and squinty eyes:)

  5. I am glad you and the hubby had a great time on your vacation. I know it was well earned. I have a cannon camera as well that I washed, literally, in the washing machine and it kept on going for awhile. Thank God I bought the protection plan on it, so they gave me a new one, but those puppies take a lickin' .... lovely pictures. I wish that you would start doing more photography, because you are obviously talented beyond any measure that I am aware of. Anyway, I need to give you a call soon to catch up. Just let me know when is a good time so I am not disturbing you. Kisses.


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