Strong and Beautiful (and Exploited?): Female Athletes on Magazine Covers

This post, from one of my favorite websites (www.adventure-journal.com), unwittingly became a kind of lighting rod for a discussion on whether female athletes/models are being used for their looks to sell magazines.

You know: I have to say that, YES. Outside Magazine is using these women for their attractive qualities, rather than focusing on their athletic ability.

Any serious athlete is more likely to have a tight, muscled physique than most—so why focus on that? Why not shoot a cover with those women actually doing what it is they are good at? Why do we have to relegate EVERYONE to a freakin' sexual object? And this goes for male athletes as well.


  1. Perhaps it's in our nature to seek beauty. Most publishers want to sell magazines, not ideals.

  2. Agreed, but it's a magazine about sports, right? Not bathing suits.

    I'm not arguing the marketing aspect. Everyone knows that sex sells.


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