When In Doubt: PreGame!

I had the BEST pre-thirtieth birthday weekend. The best.

The weather is finally starting to get more bearable here in ye olde mountains, so Saturday I spent the better part of the day in my yard hauling rocks large and small, mounds of dirt, planting my "booshes" and raking up leaves for mulch. By the time it started raining, I was filthy, exhausted, and happy. I took the BEST shower, shaved my legs for the first time since autumn (dead serious), and painted my toenails while watching a girlie movie with my roomie. I followed that wonderful relaxation up with a meal at my favorite mexicano restaurant (margarita, of course). Bliss.

Sunday morning, I met my sweet group of gals (and took my sweet unboyfriend along with me) to the BEST brunch in town: Stoney Knob Cafe (mimosas and a benny--le sigh). Then we took the party back to my house where me and the gals indulged in some serious nostalgia: Wilson Phillips, En Vogue, Paula Abdul, and a full-on rendition of the Little Mermaid, sung a capella of course. Add some homemade strawberry shortcake, a quick visit from my brother, and a great session of multiple O's, and I am a happy happy almost-out-of-my-twenties girl.

And I feel sexy. Verrrrry sexy. (It helps that I placed a mirror right by my bed where I can just glance over and...see certain...things. Yeah.)

I'm spending my ACTUAL birthday in NYC with my two best friends. Which rocks.

If my thirties are going in this direction, then things just got much better.


  1. You have no idea. This was the safe-for-work version. Heh.

  2. How can I get the not safe for work version?

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  4. No thanks, Servant. I'm pretty secure in how I pray.

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  5. Happy Belated Birthday. It snowed 10 inches here, so I will just say that mother nature was honoring you ... in Arkansas lol.


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