Project Enlightenment: Stinky Shit Piles

This constant learning process can get really exhausting sometimes, especially when it feels like one is just wading through pile after pile of self-shit. Then, after trudging through a particularly stinky pile of shit, you have an epiphany. Suddenly, all that shit begins to make sense, and you can use it as fertilizer for personal growth.

I had a particularly stinky pile of shit this weekend, and after taking a step back from my snap reactions, listening to what the important people in my life had to say, and searching myself for what my truth was, I started to realize how important it was that I deal with this stink pile rather than wrinkling my nose and ignoring it.

I have to say, in the moment, cleaning up shit can really fucking suck. You might dry heave. You might get some on your hands. You might spread it around before you can completely clear it. But damn, once that shit is clean, it is clean and you can move on with your life.

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