A Chandler Bing Moment

Can I ADD any more to my plate??

If you have been an avid reader of my fascinating life, then you may know that things have kinda been crazy for me over the last year. Let's reminisce.

Last year this time I was...

building a house
living in my mother's unfinished basement
about to be kicked out of said basement
supporting a serious alcohol habit
working on a short film
watching the mountains feel autumn from the top down
writing for a music blog
working a 9 to 5er that took more than 9 to 5
living a fabulously social life
blissfully oblivious to a crumbling marriage
(ok, fine, i was all too aware of said marriage)
watching a friend fade
not getting laid (and how callous is it that i put that after the "friend" item, eh?)

Good god, that was an Eeyore moment. Let's all pause to shake it off.

If you asked me then what my life would like now, my current experience would probably be the last thing I would guess. Now that I'm here, I can't imagine it happening any other way. Now, I'm...

single (wtf.)
renovating my new house (somewhat planned, but still: i'm crazy)
still working my 9 to 5er (but now with 20% more FREE!)
starting a new business (i know.)
trying desperately to write music (read: not writing music)
seeking to grow personally (i am a bad, evil person--dammit. fail.)
watching autumn from my home
trying to convince my sister to come move in with me so i don't have to get a "roommate"
attempting to de-stress my life
attempting to have more sex
traveling like crazy

Does life ever GET any less complicated?


  1. oh, i'm still following along.
    i may not have anything witty or whatnot to add every time, but i like you, boo. i think reading what your world is like. not in the stalky way. just a cool chick on the internet way.

    i'm sure you'll find a way to solve everything life throws at you without burning down a nunnery in a mad fit of the Crazies or rampaging the town square armed to the teeth. you seem to have a good head on your shoulders. work shit out! :)

  2. i *like* reading what your world is like.

    i don't know why i started "i think".

  3. Heh. Thanks guilty. I love the mental picture of my burning down a nunnery. Hell, I wouldn't HAVE to be in a mad fit of crazies for that one.

    An abandoned nunnery, of course. I don't condone murder here.

    Except for when I DO condone it.

    Damn. Just can't get past the Chandler Bing moment, can I?

  4. I just started following along but I will gladly stalk you should you so desire.

    All I'm seeing is tattoos and sex...wait...you didn't mention anything about tattoos that would be the facebook. What...I'm not stalking you. YET.

  5. Yeah, but could you BE anymore fabulous? Keep it up.


  6. Life is cee-razy. And you're still chuggin along, being our funny and sweet Boo. That's all that matters.

    And more sex is a great goal to have. May your panties spend more time on the floor than they do on your person.


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