Jose Can't-seco

Is there any doubt that this would be the result of Jose Canseco's odd career change to MMA fighting? Granted, a 7 foot 2 inch Korean opponent could intimidate anyone, but seriously...did he think he could win, even if he wasn't fighting a giant??

I mean, he couldn't even win a celebrity boxing match. Against Danny "Tiny T-Rex Arms" Bonaduce.

*At least he and Danny had a chance to trade recipes for counteracting the ball-shrinking effects of being douchebags. So there's your silver lining.


  1. it's as if Jose Canseco enjoys exposing himself to as much public ridicule as possible

  2. He came into the arena to "Wild Thing" and swinging a bat. ?!?!?

    Too much.

  3. You just wanted an excuse to post a pic of a big asian guy because you like the thought of his huge eggroll. Admit it.

  4. Jose ain't the smartest biotch on the beach. He ought to try taking on one of these tough girls: http://www.toughgirl101.com


Spit it, betch!