The Blogging Conundrum

When I first started this blog, it was totally anonymous. No one knew who Girl Named Boo was. I slowly began introducing my "real life" friends to the blog, and even when I knew my real life people were reading, I still felt a sense of anonymity.

But now, I've basically come out of the blog closet. Boo has always been my nickname (since I was a little baby Boo), but I find random Boo occurrences now.

For instance:

Walking to get a quick lunch last week, someone driving by me in a car yelled out "Hey Boo!" I was so shocked I almost fell on the ice that covers our city sidewalks. Still don't know who that was, but it was totally strange.

For another instance:

On my "real name" facebook page, I get a lot of "Boo," rather than Kara. That, I like. It feels natural to me.

For more instance:

What is really weird to me, though, is when one of my friends passes on a message from someone I've never met, saying, "So and so saw blahblahblah on your blog/twitter/fb, and says somethingsomething."

Conclusion: I would be a terrible celebrity.


  1. I guess the thing is, now I don't know where to put my really personal thoughts! If I can't put it on a public blog and expect privacy, then my life could potentially be over!!!!! (slight exaggeration for realistic effect)

  2. I had the same problem. I used to have a blog that, eventually, real life caught up with. It was annoying because I would post something personal and within a few minutes someone would text me going, "What's happening?" I didn't want that. I just wanted somewhere to post my thoughts. With my blog now I chose to remain open...mainly because I want people to read my shit.

  3. Yes. I'm there. I'm battling between posting personal things because I think they are relevant to more people than just me, and feeling overexposed. Also, I have some plans for this site that are bigger than a blog, and I want to position things just right. So, yeah.

    Thanks for sticking with me, DB! :) True friend.


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