TSA Scanners, Privacy Infringement, and Physical Abuse

Breast twisting?? Handcuffs?? Ripping apart a plane ticket?? Treating American citizens WORSE than suspected terrorists???? Listen to this radio broadcast from FreeTalkLive.com. This young woman's experience is almost unbelievable. What is HAPPENING to our civil liberties in this country??

TSA agents singled Meg McLain out for special treatment. They yelled at her, cuffed her to a chair, ripped up her ticket and cal from George Donnelly on Vimeo.

UPDATE: The TSA has posted these two security camera videos to refute this woman's story. I think the footage is inconclusive, but I guess watch for yourselves and see. (In the first video, the woman enters the frame at 1:13. In the second video, she enters at 0:03.)


  1. The video is not inconclusive. She threw a hissy fit and they were very patient with her and didn't do any of the things she said they did. She took up a lot of resources for quite a while. She should take a bus next time.

  2. Interesting conclusion, considering you can't hear a single thing from the security videos.


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