Conflict Resolution

My mom and I have a mediation appointment on Monday with my therapist. He thinks that we will be able to work through this. I'm nervous, anxious, and conflicted with wanting to get this over with versus not wanting to deal with it at all.

I'm doing it. And I'm trying to come at it from a place of love. It is hard to do that and still retain my grasp on how I feel about the situation. But I'm working on it.

A part of me doesn't want to resolve this, because it has been almost blissful being away from this incredibly intense and stressful relationship. But she is my mom, and I guess I'm stuck with her. I might as well make the best of it.

God, this is more nerve-wracking than her actually kicking us out.

But! In good news! We are putting in the flooring, kitchen, and bathrooms this weekend! Squee.


  1. Best of luck, darlin'. And yay for house progress!

  2. hope that goes well. you're courageous as always! a brave woman.

  3. tk: thanks, dude. and yes: big yay. i'll have pics up on monday. after we finish the floors! woo!

    effina: yes, me too. i'm not sure what to expect, so i'm trying to keep that out of the equation. i'm not brave; just really stupid. :)

  4. How did it go? I've been thinking of you and hoping it goes well for you.

  5. Hey, best of luck to you...seriously.


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