A Couple of Quick Points

First off: I want a free market too, but just like Communism sounds great in theory and fails in practice, as does our capitalistic model (something we have seen unfold this year alone). So, let's think of this in terms of a sports analogy: Regulate a fair playing field like a ref would a game. Establish rules, allow competition, and watch the game unfold. In our system now, with bailouts coming from the government, it is like the ref is stepping in and playing for an injured player. It just doesn't make sense.

Point number two: So, these companies have lost people money, and now the government is using our tax dollars to bail them out. For what? So we can pay TWICE OVER to save an institution who is working towards the bottom line of the few, and not the many??? How about the government takes that 85 billion and pays back the investors and stockholders, and let the companies go belly up? Then, establish regulation that would avoid this kind of greed-based failure in the future. Conclusion: The Bush ass-ministration are fucking idiots.

Point three: McCain has admitted he knows nothing about economics. His economic advisor is one of the architects of this administration's failed economic policies. Conclusion: McSame.

To all of those investors out there that have lost their asses: Hold on. I know it sucks now, but you can do nothing about it at the present moment. Let this play out before showing your hand, and pray to your god that we have an administration change in November.

The beauty of our country is its flexibility. If something isn't working (current economic policies), then we should have the wisdom and ability to fix it. Let us do that.

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